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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  September 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and i'm a diner will be moving slowly from northwest to southeast it is a sticky day with mid to upper '80s high dew points rain-cooled air, ashtabula and toledo are in the 70s get rid of the rainfall by tomorrow morningt frontman football weekend forecast coming up. could this man be responsible for kidnapping one child in trying to adopt another? >> their step up efforts to locate him, fbi agents in place knocking on doors looking for clues of recent child abduction cases peggy gallek joins us
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>> 1,000 fbi agents hoping to get information to determine if thete 2013 abduction cases linked to one in cleveland and also attempted in elyria. >> were asking the neighbor's for any additional information. >> fbi and north ridgeville place , here in this neighborhood thursday knocking on doors asking questions about maple 2013 abduction case >> i was shocked to learn that it happened here and cannot see that the newspaper hour on the news. >> ngm, north ridgeville case was sent to the fbi to determin if it is connected to the main production of a six-year-old cleavon little and attempted abduction also in elyria police have been investigating the cas since aprilpo 2015 so far there
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fbi agent big and i said do not know if the north ridgevill case is connected to the others. >> they entered the home with adults in the house conducted a young child from her bed and took her out of the house. >> the girl escaped returning home. >> i'm nervous because you don't know what it would come back to the same area twiceou so it mak me nervous, akira around the corner and i see all of these carsl but had something to do with >> appears to be abduction kids. >> they released a video of a person of interest that they want to talk to in connection with the cleveland abduction and the attempted abduction in
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lakefield drive in this vehicle. if you have information on the cases call the fbi. paddle back story, the heat impacting school kids the secon day in a row lost one dozen schools are closed, maia belay joins us with details every school district have different standards and comes toe determi how hot it is index that it could be dangerou for childrent to schools were open today despite the high school having no air-conditioninges they say the had temperatures reaching tripl digits in school would be close they said that it waso anything over 91 dangers asking the in euclid superintendent to explai how often he checks the temperature. ki >> i check almost on a minute t minute basis the last time it
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with awkward to say that is great for learning but it is not at the point.that we think that we need to cancel school.. says if he feels like students are in danger he will not hesitate to cancel school.f good news is that relief is coming soon. donald trump is making a campaign in northeast ohiod debate revealing more about his proposed education policyy with dave nethersed team cleveland, with more on the nominee says. donald trump, covered a a lot of bases during a speech at the cleveland arts and social sciences academy on shaker boulevard included his proposal to put $20 billion into a
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poverty access to the school of choice, and we had the only camera in the room as he met met behind closed doors in a roundtable included educators and a student the academy has more than 400 students were a number of area citiesde claiming to outperform city schools with fewer dollars, trump told the audience r moments ago that it is would support an overhaul of th public school system, supporting merit payay for teachers and gi students a better chance to succeed. so what he said. we had to do a lot of this because school system over the country, that these traditional not working out so well and
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tremendous opposition, the opposition is beginning to brea down because the results are so muchchth. you receive lots of applause when he called common core joke donald trump second appearance in cleveland. >> it could have been at a charter school anywhere in the country and he chose to come back to cleveland's inner city, it is clear he was talking abou giving children living in poverty better opportunity that not only is it important to him to get as many votes as he can in the city of cleveland but hi campaign feels that ohio is importantf to them. and we can count on more visits to ohio before the election.e i would expect that.
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about national security and picking up support from two retired generals is tracy mccool. ra will serve as secretary of statete hillary clinton was ver involved in the hunt for osama bin laden , today she says the us should not rest until they hunt should not rest until they hunt islamic state. >> we should make that a top priority to hunt down the devices in bringing to justice this as we did with osama bin laden.ri she spoke to reporters outside her campaign plane in white plains new york today promising to hunt down the ices later, says that no one directs or inspires attack against america gets away with it . is picking up support from wo retired army generals brigadier general larry gillaspie of cincinnati and
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a news conference in cleveland, they both peter donald trump as short tempered and dangerous, and praising hillary clinton fo being a levelheaded >> she is a very compassionate person at the same time very decisive. >> she will speak with us and receive input they make the decision, i think that donald, he says, he will say what he wants and bill and knows that h has a good brady says.s they say that donald trump or threaten the nation's security back undermining our nato allis they also say hillary clinton i the only candidate who has the experienceeey and judgment to s
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the details continue to come in about a shooting at a a texa coheres lou maglio to look at what's just in. >> learn from a texas sheriff there student shot and killed herself after shooting an injur another student at a west texas high school, the end your student, also a female was take to a hospital that do not appear to be life-threatening, the sharp also says a federal law enforcement agent was shot with another officer got accidentall firedth, it happened at alpine high s school and southwest texas near the mexican border , miniature five students were evacuated to a nearby church after the play storm the building some squeezed into closets until the all clea was given, there is no indicationar as to what might h motivated thisa, a female stude opening fire, at a texas high school injuring a classmate beforea shooting and killing
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years ago mentor schools began the academic year until after labor m >> with all of the hot weather, but going back to a later start datete solved the temperature
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people out to explore the great outdoors but for some it's not easype. >> a new place is making nature accessible to everyone knew hiking trail just opened in san diegoy, it can be used by peopl in wheelchairs the trail is about a quarter-mile long is also flatar. >> is just phenomenal to be abl to wield all the way around you this terrain into c were a lot of people go hiking, people wheelchairs were not able to
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to be accommodated for.. >> it features for shade structures, pinches the trailhead sign andd educational displays about plant life. storms are to the east so you the rainfall falling near the lake north and west of the fox studiosst. >> you can see some of the sunshinene at the end of that. >> this was taken from earlier today about 1:30 p.m. when the skies began to darken. you kne
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are heavy downpours and a light show to the south and east. >> this is a one-hour live show you from jumpers to andover, or well, just wanted to see a break extreme northwestern trumbull countyty and towards streetsboro near twinsburg there can stay back room and broomfield gettin some rainfall rainfall also mirrored grain. is approaching 3,000 lightning strikes towards erie pennsylvania rest of us, this pretty quiet this is all
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a few of these through the evening will be more hit and miss. at hopkins 82 degrees the dewpoints are high. it is in the upper 70s. it is extremely caribbean like you ca see where the air is cleaner down from indianapolis and minneapolis getting more comfortable here with
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will be as in the next eight days by tomorrow morning a lingering shower southeast give way to sunshine and looks like it will hold off for all of thosee is still at lingering shower early for morning movie drive for the football games and then saturda morning for rainfall news app. tonight upper '60s to near 70, mostly cloudy remaining to lead and tomorrow increasingly sunny. >> it will still be limited we
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showers/storms likely saturday afternoon and evening a big temperature drop and sunny sunday the high of 70 's busby in five-year mission to seek out new lifefe but not even the creators of star trek predict i will still be going strong 50 years later while the sci-fi franchise remains a popular. apple's cofounder knows a thing or high-tech photo comes to going places most expensive may not be his first choice. >> still time to sign up for th third annual i am walk and run
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hills park east cleveland proceeds benefit the dawson foundation, to register go to
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wartime star trek has become a global phenomenon, tells us why the series and its stars stillll with us today when people can impinge. boldly going where no franchise has gone, star trek i celebrating its 30th anniversary with a loyal fan
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>> it is the fans that created this phenomenon, this 170 and this e posterity for star trek, is there undying love, passion and support they have given to us that has given us this 50 yearsyen. science-fiction tv series created by gene roddenberry in e 1966 polly vandall three season but hass worked into five more shows and 13 big screen films including the latest beyond starring chris pine, zachary pinto and simon pegg has things that are relevant to today's society and that's the way that is always been. want to get the feel like an
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modern pizzazzzz. with the original series star trek co-celebrated due to hit the web and 2017, former cast members george tokai and robert ricardo believe the central theme continues to be live long and prosper.t >> we feel very grateful for the fans because gene roddenberry created the series was his vision and his philosophy in hi belief is confidenc humankind's ability to solve problems and move forward has to be star trek's inspirational message for the future, inspirational and positivessor it's a future where technology and expiration and science and noble man, rather than destroy and that's a message that so important now.
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fox new's. summer is particularly over but don't tel nature. our weather has close schools this past few days could there be sufficient to make sure that they do not use up calamity da so early schooling as the world watched in horror, the events of 50 years ago at a local air traffic controller found himsel in the middle of the doll.oc >> but still time to vote for
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friday night touchdown game of the week. th winner will be announced fox 8 news at 10:00 o'clock tonight. be sure to join jg, pjm dan coughlin for friday night touchdown, this week's guest star is jessica dill, she will be in less like them they field is played at the newly renovate stadium friday night touchdown
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so heavy downpours, and now a narrowband ber olmsted near the great northern mall and skirting around downtown cleveland along i-90 near lakewood and west clevelan will run into some of this rainfall during rush hourur. in ashtabula county, some heavy rainfall also garretsville into streetsboro and ravenna those
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ladies and hopkins, then surround 15-25 mph tonight if you lingering showers as late a tomorrow morning is looking good for the footbal
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mostly cloudy and humid tomorro increasingly sunny still hot humid with low '80s. this hot weather prompted dozens of loca schoolsls the air-conditioned close. pat summitt renewing calls to start the school year laterer, matt wright with a proposed state law to change the start date. >> it would require private schools to start after labor daybl when it is typically cooler dozens of schools closin due to high heat index temperatures under the proposal local school board canr choose to start before labor
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many schools start to complete before winter break in the prep time for standardized test. rather than learn on eight 70 d the middle of august. if it passes, it does not necessarily mean that the schoo you have to go later since they atveoe an arrow and not the requirement, i remember when i grew up it would be one of 25 degrees and do not have a clean shirt and m mom wouldmy tell it on the turtleneck. >> i have not heard when they canceled because of high temperatures before herew, mayb you
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thing that they are beginning t do. ohio's new medical marijuana law effect today that many area are taking steps to block it, broadview heights is one paper a 12 month moratorium in place,, only be allowed if they perform and it will remain illegal to grow except by license groups, the state board is still adjusting the regulations. on sunday we will mark 50 years since 9/11, the day that terrorists hijacked four planes killed about 3,000. >> one of those planes was hijacked and turned somewhere near cleveland, one of the air controllersom handling th
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sheil as we look back on the da that changed the world. >> the official commission report begins that december 11, 2,001, it was nearly cloudless in the eastern united states an then it says that for those heading to an airport, weather conditions cannot have been better for a safe and pleasant journey, and it was sixix that morning the first point., slammed into the world trade center , at about the same moment, controller center i oberlin, walked into the cafeteria where people were watching television. >> talk about applying that wen into the world trade center the first is i talk to people the second one hit. as they realized it was no
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's control center was following another plane flying into the sector of area sixy th he would soon track. well flight 93 it was coming in my space. >> they had turned off the plane's transponder, that meant that they werela not seeing the detailed tracking information that is usually available, onboard flight 93 they tried to keep the passengersrs at bay, t voice of a hijacker aboard flight 93. there when i headed back to newark it has been bound for sa francisco hijackers took control they turn it just westst of the
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airway to place leaving washington going to the northwesto . >> was on a one-way street headedon out to washington when the wrong way back towards dc? >> that's a good way to put it. >> ended in tragedy racing? >> a but they can remember trying to call a couple times and not getting an answer. yi they try to reach flight 93 but it was in vain,yy military cargo planehe in the s area. when the i-93 disappeared off my scope i asked if he saw anything suspicious at ten or 11:00 o'clock aboutaw 20 miles away empty reported seeing a large cloud of black smoke up through the cloudsge who are passengers rush the cockpit after learning through cell phone callslsr that other hijac planesc had crashed into buildings, the terrorist slammed
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in shanksville pennsylvania killin everyone on board, bill keaton washed flight 93 leave his rada screen.n >> you feel helpless because it is your job to keep the airways safek >> are we safer today? >> > there are certain things that have been put in place in certain changes and i cannot talk about those ci, as a count we safer ? your guess is as go as mine >> has been 15 years since that day, there aree shanksville and at the pentagon and in new york,le a museum tha features waterfalls within the footprintsts of where the twin towers once stood, thereby the new one world trade center rise into theeb new york sky, in the days after 9/11 there were call to never forget, 15 years later,
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50 years later in the still feel that shows of terrorr watc those images like it was yesterday. before the monsters and cavaliers won championships, this year,mp a fighter from northeast ohio was the first to bring home a >> winning that was difficult but maybe even more so to defendant ass e stipe miocic talks about the saturday's main event at the q...oc >> with all season kicks off
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my moose tracks on the diminish slowly andt trumbull county and southeast ashtabula county as this is ahead of this
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lifting mechanism in the cold front that will bring about a few scattered showersec through the evening and continu through tonight. >> it will slowly push of as a news southeast tomorrow. >> erie pennsylvania, crawford county in upstate new york with severe thunderstorm warning but nothing in our viewing area. >> facilities to low '80s current dewpoint and you can se the cooler air going down the dewpoint there has fallen it will be feeling comfortable in the 50s. tomorrow morning, the friend would be slowing down could be lingering raindrop across the south county's it will be a great medium for football and
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indoor chores and homework because it will be clouded with showers/storms likely in the afternoonou then it makes a cle sweep across northeast ohio.en on saturday showers likelys that will wash away the heat/humidity bring back more couple chapters sunday seven date with overnight lows in the 50sut the next round of rainfall with near 80 tuesday and then mid '70s again and front and attached out next week, will be for pixel of beautiful weather.. saturday nights ufc title fight and featuring stipe miocic
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final time beforere has more on what they had to say. stipe miocic, is fighting in his hometown to defend his ufc heavyweight title against alistair overeem has been laid, this is the same scenario that stipe miocic faced in brazil wa facing went on to win the title, he says he has been training harde than ever to keep the belt in cleveland, he is at home but keeping his routine he is staying at a local hotel trying to keep his fight routine as normal as possible, is ready to keep the title in cleveland in front of the
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though sad i will be taking some of th way.. >> tomorrow posted eight pre- fight weigh-in at the q. head o the big fight night when cleveland gets its ufc debut. is actually a decent guy? >> yesterday during his pre- fight work outye he is doing it outside at the q. he was getti questioned by cleveland fans rooting for stipe miocic that afterwards he went over to that same fan and hugged him e and th he was at a pre- fight press
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them with more questions and then just kept his cool. the browns are close to gain on of the new browns order and the were trying to split the astros. browns will face a rookie quarterback with carso wentz will be facing a pretty decent eagles defense on sunday and isaiah crowell will enter his a offense around rg3 and several other components in the offense you just saw duke johnson, number 29s also some young receivers, isaiah crowell feels confident that you can ge the act together and then grow together. >> i think it is very important because the working very hard i think it is important to go out
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impression and then everybody knows where they're at. >> a big day at progressive field for the indians with a ten-seven then trevor bauer get the victory manistee scored ten runs on just nine hits, two run
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tesla is completely electric with high-tech features >> man who knows a thing or two about high-tech since he is done with it, steve wozniak posted this photo on his facebook page says that i expect me switching
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founder elon musk criticized him for binary gas powered car, but now,, steve wozniak says he's getting a new all electric chevrolet volt he says a lot of complaints that they had about the tesla are sold in the shabby, he says he doesn't need top-of-the-line luxur he would
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still plenty of moisture is still feels like martha florida. her anywhere near that drawing tamil film is now moving through youngstown it is somewhat sporadic this is the main line that went through what you can
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a look atca this perspective. it was enough rainfall to producenf one age of rainfall a a herd of 1m concord township 1 inch of rainfall and about one half hour she said that it handled it just fine because we have been so dry behind the front, the first win showers. this morning overnight low temperature was only 2 degrees away at 79. that time it was that warm when i was a long time i will share the info as we take a loo


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